Tuesday, November 11, 2008

So things are going along nicely! We're getting into the swing of it and she has learnt SOOOOOOO much about frogs in the last little bit that it'd take me a week to type it all up! I've learnt stuff about frogs too, and we have some tadpoles and a frog to aid our learning! They're loving life next to the stick insects.
She's had a few difficulties getting motivated so this weeks list had a billion frog things on it.
  • writing a frog essay
  • creating frog art
  • a pattern of frogs and tadpoles
  • a graph showing the length of time it takes various tadpoles to morph into frogs

and other stuff too. I have decided it's time to begin recording the work we do at the end of each week so it's not a huge overwhelming project in the week (or night) before re-registration comes up. OH ! The registration certificate arrived at last! Hardly exciting, but validating nonetheless!

Next week she is going to endeavour to register as a frog keeper so she can buy a green tree frog. I said I'll sign anything I need to sign (although at 10 you can register apparetly) aslong as she saves up for the license ($60) and pays for the frog out of her own pocket money.

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