Wednesday, May 27, 2009

an update - lest May slip away without one

May has come and nearly gone and little has happened. Well lots has happened but most people think nothing has happened because we're not in a school! Stylish has been playing her internet game,Spikee has been doing puzzles, and I have been longing to sew MORE than I do.

I sewed a quilt cover from $5 second hand material bought from vinnies, and Spikee loves it. And Stylish is really starting to understand the whole sweat shop thing, and when we're opping - or Op Shopping - she is always reading labels and telling me that the people who made this item are exploited because they were in a factory in China! That's sucha  huge step for her, I'm so proud.

She is also starting to understand my refusal to purchase slave chocolate. AT this point she is moaning about it lots, and trying to cajole me into forgetting about it. For example, a muffin she wanted had a sliver of mars bar on top of it, and I said she had to get another one, so she did - but she protested.

We've had a couple of trips to the museum - on week ends! And it reminded me of one of the best reasons to homeschool ... venues like the museum are EMPTY on week ends! We're also heading for Queensland in July, and I'm going to book my trip some time next week! YAY!!!! Stylish is very keen on seeing green tree frogs while we're there.

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