Saturday, October 2, 2010

An Anniversary Slipped By ....

I just realised that we've been unschooling for two years! Two years and and about three weeks, not that I'm counting.

In that two years I can't tell you how much our lives and our world has transformed, and how I now feel there is real hope for my kids, not just hope that they'll survive the system and come out edumacated and with direction.

When we started, we were on shaky ground, fearful and unsure we were making the right decision. My daughter had to unschool and so did I, and I think I probably struggled with it more than she did. For a while there we took two steps forwards and one back, but then it smoothed out. Then periodically I'd encounter another stage of parental unschooling and have to wrestle it out mentally, usually blogging about it.

What are the best things about unschooling for us?

  • knowing our kids are happy, safe, and interested in what they do.
  • knowing our kid will learn REAL life skills
  • seeing them pursue their own interests
  • knowing they are only competing against themselves so they always try their hardest
  • seeing them become themselves!

What would I change?

  • NOTHING!!!!!!! Except I would start sooner.

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