Friday, January 14, 2011

Lists Again...

Stylish has requested some schooly activities so I've given her a list of things which she is eagerly ploughing through. Here's a few things she has to do.

  • I gave her a project where she has to budget for everything she might need when she moves out of home, and told her she would be earning $545pw. She had to find a house to rent, write a shopping list, meal plan, list non food items her house may need, and a few other things. Then she had to work out what the cost would be it it were divided with a room mate.
  • A heap of maths work sheets, including fractions, long multiplication, time telling, percentages, and times tables
  • Some comprehension work relating to the book she is currently reading "The Horse Whisperer"
  • A project about cells
  • A volcano diorama
  • A wave experiment.
See how it goes! I doubt she'll do it all, but it's keeping her out of mischief so to speak, and she feels like she's being productive.

Spikee has been doing lots of drawing and painting, and we've been reading lots of stories.

Angus is very close to crawling and is practically sitting up by himself.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Meg! Just to let you know i have passed on the 'Versatile Blogger' award to you! You are so versatile, it makes my head spin! lol! Don't feel like you need to jump through the hoops to pass it on, you just deserved it! J