Thursday, October 24, 2013

A long awaited update

Stylish has reentered formal education. She is studying Captive Animals Cert III through Open Universities. It's a course that the Sydney TAFE offers. She's completed two subjects and really enjoyed them and we're about to re-enroll her for the next term. She is also exploring art. We have discovered that she is really artistic. She loves painting with water colour and she draws very well too. We buy a second hand frame at the tip shop and frame her favourites.

Spike is enjoying his reading eggs in fits and spurts. He's keen to know how to read but not so keen on the learning process. I figure the former will override the latter sooner or later. He's also taking a keen interest in gardening but not fruit and veg like the rest of us, he likes growing flowers. We made him a shelf out the back so he can put his pots there. So far he has remembered to water them everyday. 

Angus is entering that real imaginative play age. He loves pretending to cook food and telling us it's hot so we burn ourselves. He's quite interested in learning to read and he loves reading stories with us too. He's just stared going on Poisson Rouge but it's slow going. I'd forgotten just how slow going it is. The hand eye coordination to use a mouse is tricky for beginners. 

And since I last blogged we have welcomed A new person into the family. Hamish joined us on my birthday which was also Mother's day. He's a very jolly fat thing who likes gargling and rolling over. He also likes his brothers, sister, the chickens and booby. 

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