Saturday, January 30, 2010

Accidental days of learning

Yesterday we decided to head into the city for the day, we had no plans, we just wanted to go out for the day. We found ourselves in China Town watching Chinese Dragon dancing and eating Indian food - oh, the kids had Japanese food, they had sushi.

From there we caught a bus to Circular Quay and wandered down the length of the quay seeing street performers like a didgeridoo player and a man who rides the tallest unicycle in the world (according to him). Spikee was very impressed with the show, he rode a small unicycle and juggled fire, rode it while skipping, jumped over a child on it, and then rode the 4 meter high one and juggled.

From there we wandered around the Opera House, and into the Botanical Gardens where the kids ran amok for a couple of hours. I had forgotten how lovely the gardens are, with the harbour right there, and the bridge and the Opera House all looming large. The kids were amazed by all the flying foxes up the trees, and because it was late afternoon some of them were starting to wake up so they were chatty amongst their batty selves!

Then we decided that we had had such a lovely day it would be a shame to end it there, so we walked from the Quay to the city and had Italian for dinner before catching a train home. A fun day was had by all, and I'm sure there was some accidental learning involved.


Kez said...

nature studies (science), heaps of HSIE, walking (PE), I'm sure there would be more ;)

karisma said...

I must admit, although Im not fussed on the city (we ran away 12 years ago!) I do so love the gardens and funnily enough on our last trip down so did the kids. We are thinking of making a day of it again soon just to play there! The trees are awesome and So is the herb garden!

Alice and Mother said...

I stopped putting stuff into those categories when I stopped registering lol You're right! it was a busy day of learning!

I can't wait for it to cool down so we can spend longer there, or not go in the late afternoon. I haven't seen the herb garden for years, I forgot it was there!