Sunday, January 31, 2010

Midwife appointments have begun!

I forgot to mention that we have selected a midwife and that we had our first appointment. Spikee was so keen to hear a heart beat but the baby wasn't in a cooperative mood, so all her heard was about two beats, and a lovely cord swishing along. He is so excited about the baby, he has millions of things planned, from taking the baby and his dinosaur (the imaginary friend who has come to roost) for walks, to teaching the baby to ride a bike, and having booby with the baby (assuming he doesn't wean over the next few months) having a bath with the baby .... in fact he has planned out the baby's entire life already!

We have been watching homebirths on youtube partly because it caters to his interests and also because we want him well prepared for when I go into labour. Stylish has seen it twice already, she's an old hand at these things, but even despite that she's very excited, and I hear her telling Spikee about it quite often. I was going to have a spare doula here to care for the kids when I'm in labour, but I think that she will be ok to care for him, and we will have a doula here anyway. Stylish has talked to Spikee about all the fun things they can do when I'm in labour, like drawing, playing with their animals, watching dvd's, helping mum have drinks, taking photos, and baking a cake. She has also told him that he has to choose an outfit for the baby to wear and put it inside his shirt to warm it up ready for the baby, like she did for him .... not that he got to wear it.

Full steam ahead!!! Baby number four here we come! (baby number three was stillborn in hospital)


gardening gal said...

Congratulations!!!! taking the journey with your kids is such a great one!

Alice and Mother said...

yeah it is! I love being pregnant even though it makes me complain lots lol The kids are sooooo excited!