Tuesday, February 17, 2009

the year continues

February is nearly over. So far we have been very productive this year. Today we got all the things off this weeks maths list completed. 4 pages of the maths book, a pie graph of the population of several countries around the world, a more basic graph of the numbers of population in their place value columns, cooking cake, and we even had fun doing it!

I even had a productive day myself! I got all the washing done, I cooked the most amazing pumpkin and cherry tomato soup (nothing unusual there - wink) and just assisted with everything - including a sick Spikee. I'm hoping he won't get sicker than he is coz we could do without a trip to hospital over the NON asthma (as they call it - useless gits)

This weeks list includes ..........

1) cook dinner for the family - estimate the cost
2) a project on Orcas (her latest interest)
3) reading a HORRIBLE HISTORIES book (she chose Joan of Arc)
4) a test on the 3, 4, and 5 times tables
5) making the graph of populations, and another graph of place values

and that's about it really!

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