Sunday, December 13, 2009

unlearning opportunities all around!

Stylish found some lizard eggs in amongst the bricks out in the back garden. She brought them in and kept them in a tank for about four weeks, then today she decided that they weren't going to hatch and she was going to stick them back outside. She picked on up and POP! it burst open and a mini lizard leaped out! Then another one hatched, and now we have quite a few tiny little baby lizards.

Yesterday in the garden we saw an enormous huntsman spider being dragged across the garden by a yellow tail wasp. At first we weren't sure who was dragging who, but upon closer examination it became obvious that the spider was paralysed. I called Stylish to come and see and she told us all about it. Apparently she saw them on a David Attenborough doco a few weeks ago. She said to us "it's injected poison into the spider and paralysed , and now it's dragging the spider back to it's nest to feed it's baby" .... and sure enough we watched as it dragged it all the way across the garden to a cozy little burrow under our rogue watermelon, heaved the enormous spider down the hole and was never seen again!


gardening gal said...

Oh baby lizards, how exciting!

I am endlessly amazed at the wonders of nature and that I never stop learning

Alice and Mother said...

Oh me too! And my daughter knows so much about bugs that she is like a tour guide in our own garden!

Kez said...

That is amazing about the wasp & the spider - we saw the same thing about a month ago at a local park. I managed to get a couple of blurry pictures - one day when I find the memory card that my son has lost, I'll be able to put it on my blog!

Alice and Mother said...

oh no, children and memory cards don't mix. Stylish recently tried to put the battery in ours and she jammed it in backwards. Needless to say the camera wouldn't work, and it took some serious effort and needlenose pliers to rip it out. Fortunately it's working again, but it was touch and go for a while there.