Saturday, December 19, 2009

100th post!!!!!

I thought to celebrate our one hundredth post, I'd do a list of things we love about un-schooling!

  1. no uniforms
  2. no cut lunches going soggy
  3. no homework
  4. no bullying
  5. no comparisons with other kids
  6. no testing
  7. no learning boring stuff!
  8. no peer pressure
  9. no drop offs and pick ups
  11. learning about things that interest us
  12. gardening!
  13. it's easy to be a non consumer family!
  14. visiting museums, zoos etc when they're empty!
  15. maths at midnight, but only if you feel like it
  16. REAL socialisation with children from all walks of life and all ages
  17. FREEDOM!
  18. learning to think for ourselves
  19. learning to read between the lines
  20. holidays any time it suits us, not just when every one else is on holiday
  21. real, genuine relationships with each other
  22. learning life skills
  23. no need to fill time, it fills itself!
  24. kids at midwife appts, not at school!
  25. helpful, responsible, participating, happy, CHILDREN!!! Children, not sheeple!


shae said...

Hooray for unschooling!!
Nodding and grinning here :-)

Kez said...

Love it!

Congrats on your 100th post!

Alice and Mother said...

indeed indeed! and thankyou for reading *smiling impishly*