Monday, October 13, 2008

The school term has begun. I haven't heard from the HSLO (home / school liaison officer) and I'm wondering if I will! I suspect they might contact the OBoS before they contact me. Which will be disappointing! I ws looking forward to that conversation with them! I was quite excited about telling them that I want Stylish's belongings back and that I'd like her BASIC SKILLS test results too. Infact I think it's probably iiegal to withhold them!
She is coming home from her fathers place today (it's Tuesday - she was meant to be home on Friday - I have no idea what's going on) and we have a nice list of things to do this week. I thought we might go to the art gallery and see the Monet exibition too. Oh the things you can do with your kids when you're not stuck in the school hours 9-3 or the alternate w/e timetable! I'm still adjusting to it I must admit. Come the middle of the day I'm so used to getting worked up about having to get back on time to collect her, that it's really taking some time to unwind!

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