Wednesday, October 1, 2008

officially registered! - vomit

The principal sent us the most unbelievably rude letter demanding that we take Stylish back to school - hello - it's the holidays!? She said that she's been implementing strategies to get us to improve attendance and that we haven't complied. Her strategies include rude phonecalls and rude letters ... not much STRATEGY involved me thinks. It stated that we have 7 days of absence to inform them of the reason (a SUITABLE APPROVED reason that is) for the absence. The trouble is that we DID tell her our reason, she just didn't approve of it. However according to the Office of the Board of Studies homeschooling is a perfectly legitimate option for educating children.
The letter said that the home - school liaison officers ( basically a mediator between us and them - nothing to do with home school) have been informed of our non-compliance and they will be contacting us shortly (BRING IT ON) to arrange an ATTENDANCE PLAN ( someone stop me from laughing) whereby they force our child to attend the institution and monitor her attendance for a four week period. Then, given that we were good little citizens, and we sent our child to prison 5/7, 9 - 3, they'll give us a PASS mark, BUT keep us on their records anyway (laughing again). BUT... should we fail to meet their demands they will begin legal action against us.
Anyways. None of it matters now! coz I registered today. Registration is a load of bollocks! They make it near impossible to follow natural learning philosophies, they insist on following the NSW curriculum ... despite that being one of the reasons we remove our children from school!
So I am in two minds about what to. Registration can be granted for 3 time frames. 3 months, 1 year and 2 years. I have one year because of the age of my daughter. She is due to enter highschool the year after next and they like to reassess then. The womyn I saw couldn't grant 1 year AND 3 months (the time it is until highschool should typically begin) because that's not in the guidelines ... no really!? So come July next year we're up for an assessment of the work we have completed, and then in October next year we're up for RE-registration before we can continue into highschool.
I am thinking about telling them that we are going overseas or interstate, but I need more info on their policy before I make any moves. At this stage we are legally covered so nothing needs to be done immediately. I'll be working it out bit by bit as we go along. Frankly I don't like the idea of school - not at school. Why take them out???

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