Sunday, September 21, 2008

Beginning week 3 - already!

Well today marks the beginning of week 3! She didn't complete everything on the lists last week which I think is a positive thing - although it stressed her until I said "forget it, it's not important" - and this week I am yet again reducing the number of things on the TO DO list.
This weeks list includes some of the unfinished things from last week because she feels a bit weird about not having done it and there being no pressure to get it done. She didn't want me to include them on this weeks list, she wanted to finish them off on last weeks list but I said they were going to move over to this week and she dealt with it.
  • A visit to the Jewish War Museum
  • watching plant growth and making a graph of it (the plant hasn't started growing yet)
  • learning about child labour
  • thinking of ways to reduce our household pollution
  • a crossword and find a word puzzle
  • sudoku (still popular)
  • writing a story
  • and a project about endangered animals (to be done over 2 weeks)

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