Saturday, September 6, 2008


You need to choose 3 out of 5 ideas in each section and complete them before Sunday at 3pm. I will be here to help you with anything you feel is complicated! Do as much as you can each day to make sure it’s all done, OR work out how many activities you need to do each day to complete them all by Sunday.

I also want you to do some free time work on something new and interesting to you!


1. A sudoku puzzle with atleast 6 squares. Most sudoku puzzles have 9 squares. I’m happy to (and I enjoy) help you find one with 6 squares.
2. Some algebra or fractions sums - or a mix of both. I can help you with them! If you’d like a work sheet I can make one, or if you’d prefer to do the sums on a website I can help find one with you. You don’t need to do lots of sums, just enough to make you feel like you know how to do that type of sum.
3. Reading the bus or train timetable wherever we go. And phoning 131 500 prior to any journey we make, so you can ask them when our bus or train will leave and help plan a timetable for the journey.
4. Choose something yummy from a Super Food Ideas Magazine and make it for the family. Your budget is $15
5. Write a list of colours and make a graph counting the cars of that colour as they drive past. The best time to do this is at peak hour in the morning or in the evening. Tell us what you work out from your graph! (I’d be very interested to know!)


1. Go animal/insect/bird watching at the park. Describe the animals you discover, and make a graph to represent how many you find (I will help you) OR use google to find out what sort of animal/ insect/bird it is and some interesting facts about them.

2. Bug watching: You will need a jar and a funnel and a bright light. Place the funnel in the jar and direct a bright light on it. Place some leaf mulch in the funnel and leave it alone for an hour or more. What will you find in the jar? Why do you think you find that? What sort of bugs do you find?

3. Watch a nature documentary on TV. Write down 5 interesting things you learn about animals and make sure to include what country they are from. You can use Google to find that.

4. Discover why volcanoes erupt and explain. Find two interesting volcano eruptions that have happened in history (a REALLY easy thing to do!) and write down when they happened and in what country.

5. Find an experiment that you can do in a book or on the internet and write about it. What did you discover? What did you have to do for the experiment?

Reading and writing :

1. Write a creative writing piece on escaping from a volcano eruption, some pirates, or what a witch would do (in diary form) for one week.

2. Write 6 facts you found interesting in a factual book. Make sure to include where they happened and why you found them interesting (we can make a sheet on the computer to help with this task)

3. Follow your brother around and watch what he does. Write it down for 10 mins. Then read him some stories.

4. Find an interesting article in a newspaper and write 6 sentences about it. Also write why you find it interesting, and what you would do if you were the journalist to find out more about the subject. (I can help you with some ideas!)

5. Find 3 words in the dictionary (under different letters) that you have never heard. Write out their meaning. Think of a sentence that they might be used in OR a job where those words might be useful.

Technology :

1. List the technology in the house. What is the purpose of the technology (for eg. The TV is for entertainment) (there are no wrong or right answers, only ideas!)

2. What are 3 reasons people use computers for? Think about what people did without computers 100yrs ago, were they worse off or better off because they didn’t have computers? (there are no wrong or right answers, only ideas!)

3. Find 10 pieces of technology in the house that don’t use ANY electricity. Explain why not using or NOT using electricity is a good thing.

4. Explain what technology you use every day (any tool is technology, even a hair brush!) and whether you think it is a modern or ancient invention.

5. Think of an invention that you think would help you and your family. What materials would you use to make it? (eg, wood, metal, string, paper, glue, blue tack) Draw a picture of it and make sure to label it carefully!

People and places :
(you must do all of these - but they’re easy)

1. Select a country.

2. Print out a map of it.

3. What are some types of food eaten in this country? Find a recipe for one and lets cook it!!!

4. What do they wear?

5. Find two interesting things that have happened in this country?

(I’ll be as interested in this as you because I know very little about other countries!)

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