Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The last few days have been a bit shaky because she's starting to fret a little bit over not being at school. I suggested not doing anything, no list, no nothing she isn't keen on doing (except necessary things - I had to stress that!) but she really wants to keep going with the lists for the time being. This weeks list had things like running around the block and playing handball though, so I'm beginning to deschool her even though she doesn't know. I was on JL earlier and I asked other mothers what their experiences of taking kids out of school were like. One womyn said that her son had been the same but that after a term of no school she couldn't have DRAGGED him back there, so that's promising!

I found a homeschool group which looks like a good one and I'm hoping to take her there on Monday, but it depends on when she comes home from her fathers place because she's with him this week end. Stylish is very keen to go to the group and meet other homeschooled kids, and there are apparently other girls her age at this one so that's perfect.

Today we went to the park, and we went and had yummy rolls from the bakery I mentioned the other day, so that was a nice easy stress free day. Now Spikee and Stylish are playing nests in the hallway and I'm trying not to think about the clean bed linen that's being dragged about the house on the carpet we can't vacuum (our vacuum cleaner is pooped).

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