Friday, September 12, 2008

Noodles and Possums - all in a days unlearning!

Tonight we went into the city and had dinner at Chinatown, the went possum feeding in the park. We took Stylish's friend with us, and naturally Spikee. We went to chinatown and it was a fantactic atmosphere, I'm assuming it was a Spring welcoming sort of thing but there was nothing to explain it to me aside from the beautiful Springey weather. The streets were packed with food stalls and amazing smells, and musical performers, and street hawkers, but we fought our way through them all to the food court because the food is cheap and the variety is AMAZING! I ordered a blwo of fried vegetable noodles for the girls, it cost $5.50 and was MORE than enough to feed us all, I don't think I've ever seen so many noodles come to think of it! I also got some steamed dumplings, and some salt and chili squid. Spikee ploughed through some squid, which MORE than surprised me, given his usual food aversion antics! He couldn't get enough soy sauce, and I had to stop him from trying the chili because it was SUPER hot - and I like hot - but this was HOT HOT HOT. After that we went to the Emperor Puff shop, stood in the queue and bought 16 of them for $4. Incase you're wondering, an Emperor puff is a pasty filled with custard, and they make them while you watch - quite an extravaganza for us all!

So after that, we went to the park with some brown bananas and waited for the possums to start appearing. The girls ran about feeding them stingy bits of banana (and even trying to give them peel) while Spikee generously offloaded his on the happy wildlife. By the time he'd fed them his, they weren't hungry anymore so we had to go and find more for the girls to feed. It certainly made me smile.

Then we bussed it home!


Alice said...


I did injoy that night alot lets go again mum!PLEASE!

Alice said...

With Ava!

Alice said...

ok then ;)

Alice said...

Mum!I think.