Friday, September 5, 2008

day three unlearning

Today Stylish seemed a bit concerned that she isn't learning anything. I told her that next week we can do some maths, science, and reading and writing. Plus I intend to create a blog for her so she can document her projects - which I figure is technology and computers. OH, and people and places (or geography as we old schoolers call it) seems to interest her too, and I figure it's worth encouraging.

I don't like the idea of sitting down and giving her sums to do - although if that's what she wants I can do that. I thought I'd take this brief w/e (while she is at her father's house) to write up a few ideas for stuff to do next week so she feels like she's LEARNING. They are as follows :

Maths : (she's very worried about maths because she's never really enjoyed it or been very confident at it as a result). If she wants I can write her some sums, she seems to be interested in algebra, and fractions. I won't press thos issues, I will however offer her some cook books, and tell her that she needs to create dinner for the family using a certain budget of maybe $15 - $20. There are also some maths websites that have been recommended, and if she's interested I'll let her have a look at them. One of the things I was thinking she might like is sudoku, but we can't have too many activities as "must do's", I only want to have some ready so she can sink her teeth into them and feel like she's learning.

Science : she was interested in volcanoes last week, so maybe something volcano related. I must find some websites that have volcano information. I assume she will persue her usual frog, stick insect, and rabbit googling, and happily continue filling up the book she wanted for homeschooling. She is interested in growing some plants, so some seeds might be a useful thing to have on hand - we may already have some come to think of it!

Reading and writing : I think the writing element will be covered neatly (and she'll be happy with it) simply in her frog and rabbit research. But she wanted to do some creative writing aswell. I might ask her if she wants to write a story about escaping from a volcano erruption. Writing is one of her strongest subjects, she has an amazing vocabulary and seems able to soak it up easily, so for that reason I want to encourage it while she is still learning to unlearn.

People and places : She has expressed an interest in Thai food so I might encourage her to try cooking something from Thailand. I might ask her to write 5 interesting facts about Thailand in her book, and find it on a map, print it and glue in in her book. We could also go to a thai restaurant to have dinner one evening. I don't know much about this topic myself, so I might even accidentally leanr something on the way!

and last but not least the blog! Stay tuned for a link to it .......

I'd like to add that the book was her idea not mine. I think it's keeping her firmly grounded in "learning" as taught by institutions. I'm glad she has ideas about what direction she wants her unlearning to go, and using a book to work in is a happy medium I figure.

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