Saturday, September 6, 2008

early homecoming lizard queen!

Stylish just phoned me from her dad's place. She's coming home earlier than I thought! It is snowing at her father's house and I suggested a longer stay to allow some natural learning in the snow, and some basic UNschooling in her father's presence. She just phoned me to say she would be home tomorrow (Sunday) instead of Tuesday. I'm excited about seeing her, but I hope she feels the same way. I suspect she is coming home early to fit in with younger her half-brother and step mothers convenience.
I have decided that what I want to do is make a list of 5 ideas and activities for each subject and let her choose 2 or 3 of them to complete before next Sunday. I'd best get onto the list now!
I am well aware that the object of unlearning is to follow natural interests and learn accordingly, but my daughter has been fighting her way through institutionalised boredom .... I mean learning, for nearly 6 years now, so that is a foreign concept to her. I could throw her in at the deep end of natural learning but that would make her feel that she wasn't learning anything (by virtue of the school system creating the "boredom as learning" strategy) .
I have also been so used to the "boredom as learning" strategy that it's a tough thing for me to UNlearn, and trusting the natural learning desires of my bigger baby to cayy her on through life is proving to be worrying in some ways - despite my trust in the process! - maybe it's just such a new concept I need to give it more time anmd become accustomed to it. Infact Idaresay that's exactly the problem.

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