Monday, October 27, 2008

week something or another

We haven't heard back from the HSLO, I don't expect to either. We still haven't received Stylish's belongings from the school either. I should send them a letter demanding they be forwarded immediately.

We've had a few busy weeks because Spikee has been very ill and in hospital with asthma. One morning we called 000 because his asthma attack was so severe that the constant coughing was making him vomit, and when he'd gasp for air he was choking on the vomit. The ambulance came - sirens blaring - and carted us off to hospital. They gave him steroids, codeine (it suppresses coughing apparently) and adrenalin, and then sent us home as per usual. He's doing much better now and so we got back into some learning and fun stuff!

Stylish has been a bit off since a visit to her father's place. She wanted to come home early and hasn't been quite normal since then. So this week I wrote her a list of activities because I thought she might need some structure to her week. She's been obsessing over frogs and filling a book with frog facts. She says she is going to get a tadpole from her father's place and bring it home so she's constantly trying to organise a tank and frog accessories.

This weeks list includes

  • graph making on the computer
  • making an ad for a new pet shop
  • doing a jigsaw
  • cooking lunch and guesstimating the cost
  • an experiment with vinegar, bi-carb, and purple water from boiled purple cabbage
  • reading a book we have about cities and answering some questions on slums, slanties, and the first city ever

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