Saturday, March 7, 2009

LemonAID stall preparations underway!

Today Stylish prepared the front garden for the lemonAID stall tomorrow. She is getting quite excited about it now. She went all out to beautify the garden and wipe the table clean. She decided that a gold coin donation will be the price for a cup of poison ... I mean red or yellow fizzy drink.
lemonAID preparations!
cleaning 4 lemonAID
This afternoon Spike was rather grumpy so we decided to go to the park for a dinner picnic. I got to take lots of photos with the new toy, I'm so in love with it! They had a great time playing on the play equipment in the cooler - daylight saving - evening. Stylish took the rats and they played in the grass, then she ran home with them so she could play on the equipment. I totally forgot to take photos of them first which is a shame coz they were very cute (despite their unfortunate genetic disposition) frolicking in the grass.
diner picnic

note the rat in Stylish's lap

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