Friday, March 13, 2009

social consciousness week begins!

Our week of nothingness has gone well. She spent it doing schooley stuff anyway, that made me giggle. She even got right into collaging - go figure! Her interest in frogs has re-emerged and she has spent quite a bit of time looking at videos on youtube and writing in her frog book. We have a tadpole which is getting lots of love! She notes all it's business in her book, including what it eats, how fast it grows and anything else of interest.
I have decided to do a theme week. The theme is ... SOCIAL CONSCIOUSNESS, in case you couldn't work that out! We might wait a week to do this because we actually have friends staying with us from Sunday. Although they're the sort of folk who would probably happily partake in these activities.

  • So I'm going to show Stylish some articles about sweat shops and get her to paste stuff in her book, coz that always looks good for rego purposes! Then I'm going to give her $10 and tell her to buy herself a second hand outfit

  • I'm going to get her to think about ways to reduce her footstep on the planet. (starting by telling her to turn OFF the light and the television she isn't using atm!) We might make some recycled paper, there's no shortage of news paper around here.

  • I'm going to give her some articles to read about slave chocolate. We might buy a block of fair trade chocolate to "help" us read them! More pasting in the book will follow.


sheelnagig said...

Good thing her aunt gave her a whole book of green tips for kids a while ago. ;-)

Alice and Mother said...

why yes it is!!!