Monday, March 2, 2009

today ....

Today we went and had lunch with my dad. He's struggling with the whole "home school" thing a bit I think. he was a teacher for 30 years so I can see that this idea is a bit off the beaten track for him. After that I cooked dinner while Stylish sat at the table and did some fractions and other sums. She is getting more confident with maths stuff since we hired a tutor. Speaking of which, her tutor dropped in today with a list of sums for Stylish to try, just so she knows where to help and where things are going ok. The snake story is coming along nicely, it won't be finished for another decade though, she's really making it long. I dug up some info about keeping on track with stories, how to manage a plot and character development, and that seems to have helped enormously. She was bored by it last week, since we did a big edit and made a proper story line plan she's really going for it. The story is up to 8 pages and I think it's only half complete, if that! I will have to post some of it here while we await the finished product.
I thought more about the social consciousness thing. I thought I might print some information about child slavery for starters. I think it's a good thing to tackle with Easter so close. She likes the idea of making our own eggs this year so that's a good start I think.
She is getting into the idea of no list next week but she asked if we could do some tests since that's what they used to do at school when they had down time. I (laughed on the inside) and agreed that I could make some sheets with some questions and she can see how she goes. The board of studies will like that when they come to do the re-rego stuff!
It's been over three months since her father showed any interest in her at all. She goes up and down, back and forth with that. Sometimes she's really glad and other times she worries about him. She ever was the parent in that relationship. Last week we fought quite badly while she was thinking about him, this week it is a lot calmer. I have ordered some bush flower essences for u s, they should help. And she also takes Adol-essence, a blend of bush flower remedies to assist with feelings of rejection and feeling unwanted (other stuff too, but those are the main reasons).
Currently Stylish and her brother are playing out the front with toy cars. I'm sure the neighbours are scandalised by it, it's nearly 9pm. I don't really care. I'm scandalised by their bottle feeding and controlled crying. He forgot to have a nap today so he's heading for bed pretty soon I think, entirely worn out! Owing to the fact that he's playing in MUD at the moment I might need to wash him before we climb into bed!

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