Tuesday, March 24, 2009

the madness of sewing!

We have bought a sewing machine! And the sewing bug is eating us alive. So far I have made several pairs of pants for both the kids, a shopping bag, a bag to keep my book in when I go out, a toy cat, and I'm altering a skirt I bought as well.

Stylish has also been infected with the bug and is madly sewing a toy frog from entirely second hand material. We went to reverse garbage yesterday and bought lots of scraps of material. There wasn't anything green though, so we went to Newtown to scour the second hand shops there in search of greenery suitable for the frog. There we found a football team scarf made from polar fleece. One side is nvy blue and the other side is green. 

Using the cutting board Stylish cut the green half off and then made a frog shape with baking paper. She traced the shape onto the green material and then cut it out. Now she is using the scraps of material to make spots and sewing them on by hand. It's looking fantastic and I'm so glad she is enjoying it!

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