Monday, April 13, 2009

autumn, maths, and cake baking

Today it rained all day. I can feel autumn is in the air, it's getting chillier. We still haven't broken out the jumpers, but I did make a huge vegetable bake for dinner instead of the usual salad. 

This afternoon I have Stylish a whole page of maths revision questions. She completed them all in no time, and self corrected them using a calculator. She was very pleased with herself when she discovered that she had answered every question correctly. Amusingly the update on her blog says something about how she's enjoying maths now - although I wouldn't quote her on that if I didn't want a frog in my bed. 

After dinner I wrote a list for Stylish to complete this week, concentrating on the things I wrote up last night. While I was doing that she came to me and said that she wanted to make some biscuits. I explained to her the difference between a cake batter and a biscuit batter and she changed her mind, deciding to bake a cake. I set her loose in the kitchen and away she went! The only help she required was with sugar, I told her to add a little bit more owing to the fact that sugar mysteriously vanishes when you bake it( there's a science lesson in there somewhere I'm sure of it!).  She created her own recipe using all the right ingredients, she didn't measure anything, and then she baked it to perfection. I am amazed at what a fantastic cake it turned out to be! But I'm not amazed at the same time. She is un-learning beautifully it would seem!

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