Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter arrives!

It is the Easter long week end. We decided to take the small folk to the show. it was the same as it is every year except more expensive because we didn't get in for free this year. To save on cost we took the most fantastic picnic lunch of roasted cajun tuna, chicken, tomato cucumber salad, tofu and bean salad, boiled eggs, and a large thermos of real coffee. There could be no denying that the best thing about the show was our picnic. Although the kids have their own ideas about that ......

Stylish had her own pocket money to spend, and her grandpa gave her another $50. She managed to spend all $75 of it on total rubbish (which I breathed deeply through - it's her money right?). She went on about six rides that were the gut heaving, brain shaking type, and she bought a Scooby Doo show bag. 

Spikee went on a train ride - twice. And Stylish accompanied him on it. He tasted his first fairy floss, and you could just see his small mind wondering where all that sugary goodness was disappearing too when he put it in his mouth, it was really cute to watch. He got to see some horses, something we dont' see much of living in the middle of a big city as you can imagine! He got a couple of show bags courtesy of his indulgent father, one was a sesame street one and the other was the cars one (it's his favourite movie). And admittedly they're pretty good, but they're still made in China, plastic crap unfortunately.

The grown ups enjoyed watching the small folk frolicking around together. We had a glass of bubbly in the foodie hall, and bought some amazing Indian spices (korma, vindaloo, and a southern one) and we got some extremely hot chili sauces, a bottle of Ned Kelly's wine spritzer, which is really mulled wine with a bad name. It tastes AMAZING! And we also got some beautiful lemon myrtle soaps. I love the foodie hall!

All in all it was a lovely family outing!I think I'll go and have a glass of mulled wine ala Ned ... I mean wine Spritzer!

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