Tuesday, April 21, 2009

computer battles

Lately there have been a few battles over computer time and how things are getting done - or not. Today after a discussion we have agreed that she will be permitted two hours on the computer each day. 1hr in the morning and 1hr at night. She will self police it using the microwave timer. We will see how it goes. Owing to the fact that it was negotiated by her and not just imposed upon her I'm hoping she will stick to it, but being her age does make these things complex to say the least!

Stylish hasn't seen her father since early last December and she is starting to get very angry at him. last at the wind down stage of our big argument she screamed at me "my grandma is dead and my father has abandoned me". Then the argument was over, she just wanted to talk about that stuff instead of how awful I am and how I apparently hate her - very normal topics for someone her age me thinks! Yesterday when I was out she tried to phone him but his phone was switched off, when I got home she was in a RAGE, and it wasn't until she said that I realised what the underlying problem was, and no it wasn't a computer game on the internet. I now have her on a substantial dose of "Sturts Desert Pea" Bush Flower Remedy which is for deep seated grief. After the argument she shared some poems with me - on the condition that I didn't laugh. She's written some lovely poetry and I'll ask her if I can publish one of them here later.

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