Saturday, April 4, 2009

the week gone by......

There have been no lists of late. The week off was clearly enjoyable, it has extended!

I intended to do a mini list for her last week because it helps keep her off her internet game but that never happened. My sister has just had a stillbirth. 

Stylish wrote a beautiful poem to read at the wake. She also wrote a lovely acrostic poem when James died, and it was read at his funeral.

R oisin means little rose
O n Thursday night she was born at home
I n our dreams she lives forever
S he is playing with my brother James
I wish I could teach her about frogs
N ever forget us little rose

J ames was a very special baby
A s I laid my hand on his hand tears welled in my eyes
M y dear little brother whom I will never get to know
E veryday I think about him and when I first saw him
S o special, like he was the only drop of water in the whole world

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