Sunday, April 12, 2009

the struggle with maths .....

Owing to the fact that there have been no lists lately, and I'm starting to panic about how much work we will have to show in our bid for re-rego - the bane of my existence - we have pepped up our maths efforts. There have been some really basic things giving Stylish trouble and I want them ironed out ASAP. 

I have been writing some sums in her work book and sitting down with her while she completes them. They are all long multiplication, division, changing fractions, percentages, decimals, and basic subtraction with borrowing. 

She hated it at first, but three days into the plan she is competently completing all the work and discussing further sums of a similar nature, which demonstrates her clear development in this area. And she is even saying that "maths isn't that bad" which I take as another SIGN from above. I think I will need to buy another text book for her as the one we have been working with is really poorly set out, has no practical structure for development of strategies, and is very VERY badly written, so badly that our maths tutor is unable to understand some of the questions in it - and she knows what she's doing even if we don't!  

As for other subjects - which I personally enjoy more, as does Stylish, she is coming along well with them all! Her English is well beyond her years, her writing is exceptional for someone at her age and stage. I have published some examples here, but will endeavour to post more soon, as they get typed up on the computer. Her reading is more competent that many children twice her age, and many the same age for that matter. 

Science I think we can do more on. We haven't done very many experiments which I know she loves, and they look good for rego too. I think I will research some easy to do at home kitchen pantry type experiments, both the kids will love that.

Art isn't something Stylish is terribly interested in and I don't really care. I encourage the odd activity, like the recycled frog or some drawing but that's ok, nothing to panic about. The recycled frog is completed by the way. And it looks wonderful! Even Stylish is happy with it, she has been playing with it a lot lately. Which is both a sign of her pride in her own work, and her de-schooling. The frog is not exactly something that other little girls would play with - let alone create for themselves! I'm a very proud mummy.

History is still something that holds little interest for Stylish. There is an exhibition at the Australian Museum that opened a couple of days ago, about The time of the Mammoths, I will take her to see that. She has always had an interest in dinosaurs, maybe mammoths are the next stage, and given that humans were around in those prehistoric times it will easily fit into some type of historical edubabble for re-rego.

Music and languages ... little development on those fronts. Which is fine for re-rego because many schools offer no language or music lessons. We have been given a German text book called the "First 100 Words" that I will help her do some work in this week. As for music, I think her Aunty will help her with some music lessons when she is feeling more up to it, and it really wouldn't be hard for me to teach her some recorder playing.

So now I have worked out a bit of a list of TO DO's for the coming week or two. And I also have some more ideas about what I think I need to cover before re-rego comes up with OBoS.

  • more reading 
  • more effort on times tables and basic maths 
  • some more drawing - maybe a painting or clay sculpture
  • some science experiments
  • a trip to the museum to see the prehistoric exibit
  • german book
  • recorder lessons

It's good to have a semi plan!!!

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